Best Places for Podcast Hosting

The new online media trends seem inclined towards personalization. Perhaps, that’s the reason why podcasts have become so common. Today, you can find podcasts on a variety of topics. You can even find some dedicated tech podcasts that guide you about common issues such as “Windows 10 can’t connect to VPN”. The idea of interacting personally with the audience attracts more people. Hence, we see a rise in podcasts every day. Certainly, you may also be one of those interested in creating a podcast. But you may be confused about which podcast service you should opt for.

But your worries end right here as we list out the best podcast hosting sites for you.

Let’s get started!

1. SoundCloud

SoundCloud has emerged as a popular website for audios. Besides music, it also serves as a free podcast host. With embedded players, you can share your latest episodes and get real-time listener stats as well. With a personal profile and dedicated URL, you can share your podcasts on your social network as well. SoundCloud also offers various paid plans with advanced features and stats. So, you can choose any of these plans as per your preferences.

2. PodBean

Another good hosting service for hobbyist podcasters is PodBean. It is a paid service with a sleek interface, mobile option, RSS feed, and cheap pricing plans ($3/month). It offers a free trial version, so you may easily create your account and choose to pay only when you find it meets your requirements.

3. Libsyn

Libsyn is a podcast hosting service that dates back to the time when podcasting actually began. Liberated Syndication (or Libsyn) is a reliable service for professional podcasters. It isn’t free, yet it offers affordable pricing plans, as low as $5 per month with 50GB of bandwidth. An important feature of Libsyn is YouTube integration, that is, your podcasts get published automatically on YouTube as well. Thus, it gives you more exposure and a wider audience. However, it may limit the uploads, storage space, and stats, for which you may have to move to higher plans.

So, these were some of the best podcast hosting services. You may choose any of them to make yourself heard. Happy podcasting!